Customs & Courtesies

Customs and Courtesies are a fundamental part of the Civil Air Patrol as well as everyday life. This isn't just a way of teaching discipline and respect within the program, but also respect for others when you are in your everyday life. When you hold a door open for a stranger, this is a form of a custom as well as a courtesy. Customs and Courtesies also teaches you to be aware of your surroundings, not only when you are engrosed in a task but also when you are just walking through a room or outdoors. Below you will find the definitions for Customs and Courtesies as well as two documents put together by the CAP National Headquarters.

Custom: A usage or practice common to many or to a particular place or class or habitual with an individual

Courtesy: Behavior marked by polished manners or respect for others

Customs and Courtesies Flyer

Respect on Display