Information for Cadets

New Cadets

Information for new cadets and prospective cadets about our squadron and the Civil Air Patrol program. If you have questions after going through this, dont hesitate to ask a member whether it be a cadet or senior.

Customs & Courtesies

Information regarding the propper rendering of customs and courtesies. Being in CAP, you are expected to follow these inside and out of the meetings.


Information about the uniforms and the propper wear. You are expected to know the regulations for both genders.


Do you want to know how to promote? How about what you need to achieve your next promotion. This has all information regarding promotions.

Memory Work

Memory work is vital within the program. It teaches discpline as well as team work. If you need the memory work, then this is the right location.

Drill & Ceremonies

Drill and Ceremonies are one of the biggest aspects of the program, they teach discpline and teamwork. Cadets will learn how to follow lead, and delegate. If you are unsure about certain movements, this is where you want to look.

Chain of Command

Chain of command teach discpline, organization, leadership and communication. We use this to ommunicate effectively and get information out in a timely manner. Cadets are expected to know their chain of command.


Need more information about Civil Air Patrol whether it be National, Region, Wing, or Group level. You will be able to find the link here.